Fanabeazana ho amin'ny fiovana

Malala Rasolofonimanana

Only when you go outside of your box will you see, learn, have your mind open, and have the opportunity to evolve and grow. There, many times you meet your true calling.

Syndie Safy Hys

Today when I think about my journey with Teach For Madagascar, I must admit how proud I am! Not only proud of what I have accomplished but I am also so proud of the students, my Zandry*, proud of their progress, their motivation, their learning passion.


Teaching to me requires serious preparation and creativity. When we create such interest, the Zandry more willingly immerse themselves in the learning process. Don't be afraid, the more you give, the more you receive. Overall, it's about the future of our country.

Andriatsiferana Harifetra

One of the reasons I became a Zoky at TFM is to bridge the generation gaps. Education is the tool to do this. In this project, our way of educating is different from what the students receive in their daily studies. I find that we need to bring education which is relevant to today's generation. TFM has values that are in line with the relevances which I believe will help our young people. I don't just teach, I lead.

Maharavo Rabemananjara

Poor education is a sign of poverty in a country. I joined TFM as a Zoky because I want to share what I have, knowledge, skills, and talents with my younger Malagasy brothers and sisters whom we call Zandry.

Landiarimanana Randriamanantsoa

While many children in this country struggle to access educational opportunities, I’ve had the privilege to study. It’s time to give back. I feel honored to be a part of this movement and serve the future generation of Madagascar

Haritiana Jennica Tovoarivelo

I believe that Malagasy youth can contribute to changing this country. Instead of spending time watching TV or doing nothing at home, we can be active, give our time to our country, and do something for our little sisters and brothers. This is one of the reasons why I have confidence in our project and in our team.

Koloina Andriambolason

As an educated young Malagasy, I’ve come to the realization that I couldn’t close my eyes anymore and pretend to not see the critical challenges facing my country, especially in terms of education. When I found Teach For Madagascar (TFM) and learned about its mission and values, I answered the call without hesitation.”

Ando Nampoina Razanajatovo

I believe that Madagascar’s improvement starts with improvement in education.

Olivia Randriatsimivony

I strongly believe in the power of education as the most important engine of development and poverty reduction.

Valérie Rambolamanana

Each student was very focused on the art they created. When the work was completed, each student was asked to come up to show their art. I loved their faces beaming with pride and exuberance over what they have achieved.

Nantenaina Ando Iaviantsoa

It is not about me or the advantages I can get for myself, but the lasting positive impact I can make for Madagascar.

Sariaka Randriamiarimanana

I am convinced that Malagasy youth have the potential to lead Madagascar’s society to a bright future, through an education movement. Through its concrete and local educational actions, TFM becomes a role model of devotion and conviction for the change in Madagascar. And change begins with us.

Mialy Larissa

Pouvoir aider les autres a toujours suscité mon intérêt. Les jeunes malgaches (moi y compris) veulent réussir. La réussite ne se mesure pas matériellement, mais par l’impact qu’on a sur son entourage. Sur le plan personnel, le Street Project forge ma personnalité. Et puis les enfants (sans le savoir) nous poussent à nous dépasser, à rechercher les approches pédagogiques les plus adaptées.


What I've learned the most is to have the heart for the Zandry. That is what keeps me motivated to become a Zoky.


Au fur et à mesure des projets, c'est devenu de plus personnel. En tant que Zoky, je me devais et je dois d'être présente pour ces enfants.


Ny lesson goavana indrindra nianarako angamba dia ny hoe arakaraky ny anomezako betsaka no andraisako bebe kokoa.


Je suis devenu Zoky car je me sens concerné. Chaque enfant est important pour moi. Peu importe qui ils sont, ils méritent une éducation.


TFM is the best way to live my dream of brigthening the future for underprivileged children through education.